That Night

I can still feel it, as vivid as ever. His hand across my waist, our fingers intertwined, barely touching, restraining because we knew it’s wrong. As I rest my head on his chest, I hear his heartbeat, so loud and steady that it suppressed my thoughts, blocks my logic and forces me to act impulsively.

What we can learn from the business model of JustDial

Despite the incisive forces of capitalism, businesses and consumers have shared more than just a monetary bond. A few years ago, we knew exactly where to go for the things we needed. Most often, the shop would be one that has been integral to the lives of several generations of our families before us. We… Continue reading What we can learn from the business model of JustDial

Isn’t it so intriguing, strange yet fascinating how a chair is privy to countless stories of happiness, despair and hope shared by strangers from various origins, castes and cultures? 


Empathy is not absolute. Nothing is, actually. No matter what wise words they showered on her, words that were too patheticly sugar coated to enter her ears, she felt the miserable void, the kind that can neither be understood nor combated. Others may have experienced the same loss, circumstantially, but every relationship is different, full… Continue reading Empathy 


ANYTHING CAN BE MADE MORALISTIC When Karna(Karana) decides to continue fighting on Duryodhana’s side despite knowing his true linkage to the Pandavas, his devotion and loyalty is depicted as a superior virtue. The way he honors his word is regarded as exemplary. However, if on the other hand, he had decided to switch sides, his… Continue reading THOUGHTS ON THE MAHABHARATA